How to setup shadowsocks server on azure container instance

Step 1: Choose a region

Azure container instance is avalilable in selected locations. Get the locations list first and go to azurespeed to test the network latency from your IP location to the selected Azure datacenters. Choose the best one.

For example, SouthEast Asia is the best one for me.

Step 2: Create the Azure container instance

Run the below command, don’t forget to replace the <--xxx--> parts.

az container create -g vpn -l <--your region--> --name <--your container group name--> --dns-name-label <--your dns name label--> --image oddrationale/docker-shadowsocks --ip-address public --ports 443 --command-line "/usr/local/bin/ssserver -p 443 -k <--your password-->"

Step 3: Set up the shadowsocks client

The server address should be <--your dns name label>.<--your region--> You can also get it from the azure management portal. That is the FQDN property of the ACI just created.

client setting

Step 4: Give your middle finger to the GFW

——————/´ ¯/)
——–(‘(———- ¯~/’–‘)